Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce some changes to this blog and my writing “plan”. I’ve been writing under the pen name Brigid McMahon for a while now. I like Brigid, she’s cool and I plan to keep her. I also plan to add some other names I’ll be writing under. I write in many different genre’s because that’s just how my mind works and my husband would like me to keep my writing separate from our family/personal life. And like it or not, my writing is my business, so I really want to keep things under one cohesive heading to make things a little easier for myself.

So from now on, on this blog, on Facebook, Twitter, etc., you will see me under my real name, Elizabeth Fairweather (Author). Better known as just Beth! That’s the name I’ll be using to communicate, promote, etc., because, that’s who I am! And I am proud of what I’ve accomplished and what I will accomplish in the future. But my books will be published under these different pen names, which I’ve outlined below. Some books might not appeal to everyone, some will only appeal to a certain sector, and that’s fine. Pick your favorite author, or pick them all, whatever you like!

Brigid McMahon – The revised Whisper of the Rose and it’s series. Brigid writes fun stuff, historical stuff, and sometimes edgy stuff. For instance, the upcoming Twelve Weeks in Teeterville is pretty edgy, but it’s still Brigid!

Lindsay Regan – My romance novels for the most part will be written under this pen name. This is the more steamy stuff so if that is not your cup of tea, you might want to give Lindsay Regan books a miss!

E.F. Rice – This guy (or girl??) writes the scary stuff. It’s horror, it’s paranormal, it’s weird, it’s intense and it might be edgy. Only the brave will want to read E.F.!

And I’ve decided my upcoming book, Docia’s Diary, will be written under my own name, as will any other “prairie” titles that I write (and yes, I have some planned!).

The domain name will take 72 hours to change so if you are still seeing “Brigid McMahon” don’t worry, it will change soon.

Thank you for your continued support!

Beth 🙂

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