It’s Time for a Spooooky New Endeavor!

With Halloween fast approaching at the end of the month, my mind has been going in a ghostly direction. I LOVE scary stuff. Love, love, love it! I can remember sitting in the dark with my friends when growing up scaring the daylights out of each other with our ghost stories. It’s such a fun thrill to hear those stories and imagine the monsters and ghosts and freaky things creeping up behind you!

So my new endeavor is a book. And not just one book, but rather a series of books tentatively called “Haunted”. Each book in the series (and I honestly at this point have no idea how many there will be) will feature spooky tales from an individual county in Michigan. I want to start with my very own county, Shiawassee. I know there are creepy tales out there to be shared, I just need to find them!

That’s where you come in, my wonderful readers! I am asking everyone I can find to share any scary, creepy, strange, odd, whatever paranormal themed story they might have experienced themselves, or been told about from Shiawassee County. I am not worried about verification, your stories can be true or not true. They can be wild and crazy, deadly, funny, creepy, nutty…they can be about ghosts, demons, devils, angels, spirits, aliens, UFO’s, strange lights, orbs, monsters, Big Foot, weird sounds, vibrations, feelings. Haunted houses, schools, hospitals, rooms, churches, hotels, locations, rivers, bridges, what – ever!

I will NOT be using anyone’s real name in these books. Your name and email will be appreciated for the purpose of me being able to contact you if I need further info only. I will also not use any real personal addresses. If you are telling about a business I will not use the name of the business and only refer to the place as “a store (for example) in Owosso” or the like. I don’t want anyone to worry about privacy, or anything like that. I also don’t want to encourage people to trespass or bother any business owners or private residents. I am only interested in the stories, your privacy is important to me and I will protect it!

I am not able to offer anything in way of compensation in return for your stories. If I were a millionaire author I’d give you a free book in return for your sharing, but unfortunately I am just a humble local author who doesn’t make much on her books. I can really only offer my sincere thanks. I am hoping to have the first book finished in time for Halloween of 2021.

You can share your story on the Submit Your Story page here on this blog. If you’d rather send it via email, you can send it to

Thanks so much in advance, I can’t wait to read your stories!

Best Wishes,

Beth 🙂

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