New Books Coming Soon!

Just a little update on what I am working on I have two more novels coming out in paperback hopefully later this month or sometime next month. Cass Kelly, Girl Detective is the revised work of The Whisper of a Rose. Completely different direction, and new scenes, I really hope you check this one out. It will be the first in a series of 5 books that follow the folks on Empress Isle. (it is already out for Kindle but I highly recommend you wait to buy it until the PB comes out so I have a chance to correct any errors, this is my suggestion for all of my books.)

The second book is Crushed. This is a romance with young adults as the characters but it is NOT a young adult novel. Adult situations/language, but I think still a great read. It’s one of my favorite books I’ve done so far. I hope you all like it!

And a THIRD book will be coming out as well. This one is a coming of age novel called “Twelve Months in Teeterville” and tells the story of Benny Allen as he maneuvers through a year in 1967 in a small town. Probably my most ambitious book yet.

In addition to all of that, I am currently researching material for a non fiction book on the women in the Ingalls family, plus gathering stories for my Haunted Shiawassee book.

Whew! 🙂 A lot of “work” that never feels like work to me because I love it so much. I hope you enjoy the books I am publishing, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever have questions, comments, etc. I’m happy to chat with you!

Finally, thank you all SO much for the support you’ve given Docia’s Diary. I have been so pleasantly surprised at it’s success and it means so much to me that so many of you have told me you enjoyed it.

As always, best wishes,

Beth 🙂

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